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#JioSaavnReplay 2021: Hindi Music Trends

The trends of Hindi music consumption have changed in a big way since the pandemic began. Massy Bollywood music has taken a back seat and non-film music has been on the rise. Be it Indipop or Hip-Hop, music listeners are a lot more open to experimenting nowadays. Let’s take a look back on these past 12 months in Hindi music with some of its most notable genres and artists.

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#JioSaavnReplay 2021: English Music Trends

2021 has been another tumultuous year in human history. From the scary hours of the pre vax era to the rosy optimism of the post vax society, one of the most non-intrusive and safest ways of entertainment, continues to be the music that keeps us sane.

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#JioSaavnReplay 2021: Punjabi Music Trends

Punjabi music has grown from just the classical folk songs of yester years into the billion dollar music industry that it is today. With the mainstream Bollywood and global stars also adapting a number of Punjabi songs, the scene has expanded immensely over the past few years.

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#JioSaavnReplay 2021: Telugu Music Trends

Telugu is one of the most popular languages on JioSaavn. This year has been a joy ride of different types of music which was supported by big and small budget films and a lot of Indie releases from some amazingly talented Independent musicians. While the music of films like ‘Vakeel…

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#JioSaavnReplay 2021: Tamil Music Trends

A lot has happened in the Tamil music industry in 2021, a year that has not only witnessed blockbuster songs from big films, but also hits from non-film and independent albums as well. Let’s take a look back on these past 12 months in Tamil music with its most notable genres and artists along with some of our favourite playlist artworks from the past year.

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Regional Podcasts – A Goldmine For Engagement

India is soon approaching 1billion internet users and the majority of them will be coming for the first time on the internet with a huge population being the youth. Many of them might not understand English or even Hindi for that matter. This is where we creators get an opportunity to hit the goldmine of India’s diversity!

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The evolution of Punjabi Music from regional to mainstream.

By 2021 the regional music industry has adapted well to the digital market. Over the last couple of years, the Punjabi music industry has emerged as the biggest non-film music industry in the country. A few artists have given hits, nationally and internationally, particularly in diaspora-rich countries like Canada, UK, and the MENA region. The audience is hence getting bigger and growing further.

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How to grow your podcast’s audience?

So you have a podcast? That’s awesome. Welcome to a space that’s getting increasingly competitive. There are over 2 million podcasts and more than 48 million episodes out there. So yes, in addition to great content, you also need to make an effort to get your show noticed. But how? Here are some tips.

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Dear Younger Self by Sunetro Lahiri

"And in that process, I realised the power of putting pen to paper. Writing about fears sort of undoes them. So I did. I wrote... poetry where I could, stories when I could, documentaries when I could, anecdotes when I could, and finally, a medium that allowed me to voice my authentic self - podcasting."

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Dear Younger Self by Natania Lalwani

"You’re going to follow your dream and fill your days with purpose, living your truth. You’ll have your very own apartment, living on your own in Los Angeles, and music will be your job! Nothing happens overnight, and your career will be filled with small steps that lead to big moments. Remember to enjoy the small victories; they’re super special."

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Dear Younger Self by Raghav

"It’s 2004, you are on top of the world, and you deserve it. I’m proud of you. I’m proud of how you are avoiding most of the cliche pitfalls of a global popstar’s career at your age. Most definitely, due to a grounded and superb family who raised you with only love as the primary focus."

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Beginner’s Guide to ArtistOne

"ArtistOne is the all-new & updated version of Artist Insights. It’s an all-purpose platform built by the JioSaavn team to help musicians grow. It not only gives the artists & their team the treasure trove of insights about their audience and music performances but also enables them to make their profile & music more engaging and discoverable for their listeners. "

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Beginner’s Guide to Music Publishing

The world of music publishing in India has largely been an urban legend for a long time. Arguably, this is in part due to an industry that is still in its developmental stage, the lack of proper knowledge about the various rights involved, coupled with a Copyright Act that some…

Seven LGBTQIA+ Artists Steadily Making it in the Indian Music Industry

This year, beyond recognizing and celebrating Pride Month with the LGBTQIA+ community, many can look upon it as a month of discovery of creative individuals (and communities) who are confident and growing with their identity. We spotlight seven artists who are unflinching, vulnerable and comfortable in different turns with their…

Dear Younger Self by Gurpreet Saini

"My journey from ‘Sadi Gali Aaja’ to ‘Dil Na Jaaneya’ taught me that there is no one particular process to writing - At times, Melody brings words along with it, and sometimes the words bring melody to life. In other, simpler words, when the heart of the lyricist and the music composer is in a union, is when the magic is created."

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Dear Younger Self by Mae Thomas

"I’ve learned that asking questions, being curious and sharing knowledge is the best way to work and build. I am not an expert but I surround myself with expert opinions that I trust and value. I am only one human being and I cannot be expected to know everything."

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Five collaborations that spawned and prospered despite the pandemic

It’s been over a year now (and certainly feels like longer) since the pandemic pushed many musicians to rethink a lot of fundamental things about what they do. It didn’t change one essential aspect, though, which was forging ahead with making music itself. Whether it was sharpening their skills, taking…

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Welcome to JioSaavn for Creators

Creators have been at the centre of the JioSaavn brand from its early years. From in-house programs for artist development to national brand campaigns with artists in focus to creator focused products - our endeavour has always been to create an ecosystem that works as a stimulus to the creator economy. With JioSaavn for Creators you can expect information about new products and programmes, panels and masterclasses & news you can use.

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Dear Younger Self by Anushka Manchanda

"You built your own path, and thanks to you feeling and doing things with your heart..I am here today, in a place where I am creating and producing art exactly the way I want, from a position of power over the way I play out my life."

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Dear Younger Self by Ankur Tewari

"Music is my saviour. It has saved me and sailed me through enough storms for me to believe in it. It is my superpower. My origin story though, is not as dramatic to be made into a graphic novel."

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Dear Younger Self by Armaan Malik

"Whatever you do, pour your heart into it 110% since you don't know how many souls you touch with the smallest of your actions. You will not see the results immediately but trust me, the wait will be worth it!"

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How to write a fiction podcast?

Where to begin? That’s usually the first thought every writer has when they stare at the blinking cursor on a Word doc.  Ironically, there’s no correct answer. You start where it makes the most sense to do so. But, if nothing makes sense – here’s everything you need to know…

How to build your brand on social media?

In 2021, being a musician, podcaster or any form of creator doesn’t end at having your track ready and mastered or your podcast recorded and edited. You can rather say, outside of this is where another crucial part of your work lies and it’s an ongoing process, whether you’ve got…

Your go-to guide for Influencer Marketing

In this day and age where the creator economy is one of the fastest-growing sectors even during the times of COVID, it’s very hard to not consume content every day and (for some)every minute. With the ease of access to all kinds of content platforms and creation tools, anyone with an opinion, thought and creative skill can become an influencer within their community and beyond.

How to design your Visual Brand Identity as a creator?

How to more effectively brand your artwork  Your brand as a musician or podcaster is what communicates who you are, and connects you to your audience. Here we’ll focus on producing visual elements that effectively brand your podcast or album artwork, whether you’re working with a designer or DIY’ing it. …

Beginners Guide to YourCast

JioSaavn YourCast is a platform built for podcast creators to help them grow their podcast on JioSaavn. It is built by the JioSaavn team to serve as a gateway for podcast creators to publish & grow podcasts directly on the platform. Through YourCast, podcasters get to share their content with…

Your go-to Content Strategy checklist

Congratulations, you’ve finally tweaked and perfected your upcoming single/EP/ album and are probably gearing up for your drop and are experiencing some pre-release jitters looking forward to the daunting and sometimes overwhelming task of rolling out your project into the world. We’ve put together a content strategy checklist to help you plan and navigate this release on your social media handles.

How to get your songs heard?

The process can be daunting and confusing, but these guidelines should help you get a foot in the door. Pleaseremember: this is a two-way process. While the label reps are always looking to scout new talent, the talent must scout the right home for their art too.

How to approach the media as a new creator?

As an artist with new content to present - be it music or podcast, one of the key objectives while approaching the media is to generate interest in your work and to build recall. One of the first steps is to ensure you have a PR plan in place. It does not need to be too elaborate, just well planned.

How to pitch yourself to a streaming service editor?

Every artist's journey is unique. The best way to showcase yourself is to highlight how authentic you are to the music you are putting out. Tell us what your music sounds like to you. Feel free to mention if there are other noteworthy artists that are sonically similar to the music you are making.

How to get your music and podcast on JioSaavn?

What Is Metadata? Metadata is the information embedded in a digital file that tells you something about the song, everything from the artist and title to the composer, the record label, the year of release–there are a whole host of fields that should be filled in.

Your checklist to produce a podcast from home

he recent past has witnessed an exponential growth in the audience for podcasts, as this trend continues, there has never been a better time for businesses, brands and individual content creators to start their own podcasts. With upgrades in technology and its increased access, creating a podcast has become easier than ever.

How to get your music played on the radio?

Many argue that the traditional channels (radio/tv) of song promotions and discovery are now a thing of the past. Even though, with digital revolution and advancement of social media, the focus of mainstream music marketing has now shifted towards the former,  radio and television continue to be equally important.  Owing…

Beginners Guide to Lyrics & Annotations

At JioSaavn, we’ve realised the impact words have on our listeners and we’re constantly finding new and improved ways to help artists develop deeper connections with their fans. Lyrics & Annotations is a feature on JioSaavn that helps listeners engage with their favorite tracks at a deeper level. Help your fans discover interesting trivia, hidden meanings and the stories behind you and your music.