How do I pitch my song for Playlists?

A very simple way to boost your song on JioSaavn is by sending it out to our editorial team for placement consideration in one of our popular editorial playlists. This will help our editorial team to discover & curate JioSaavn playlists better and give your song a chance to be heard more.

To pitch your song for editorial playlist(s) on JioSaavn, just fill out our contact form, and our editorial team will review the submitted song. Share as much info about your song as possible – Language, Genre, Mood, Instruments etc. If you have specific playlists in mind, feel free to mention those as well. All the information provided, along with data & insights about the audience’s preferences will be taken into account while making this decision.

Please note that pitching your song for editorial playlist doesn’t guarantee a playlist placement but gives you a chance to be considered for the same. But keep checking your dashboard for the next couple weeks after you have sent the request, to see if your song made it to one of the popular playlists.