How do I get started on JioSaavn with my podcast?

You can start with getting an RSS Feed from any of the hosting services for your podcast. Then you can share the RSS Feed with JioSaavn through the YourCast platform in a matter of minutes with the following process:

Register/Get Started on JioSaavn YourCast by creating an account.Verify your registered email address.Agree to the T&C and input the legal name this contract is bound with.Copy your podcast’s RSS Feed and paste it in the input field.Give additional details about your podcast.An email will be sent to the email address linked with your RSS Feed with an OTP. Paste the OTP on the screen and submit.Tadaa, your podcast will be submitted for an internal review and will be approved in next 8-10 business days.

To avoid rejection later, please ensure the following before submitting your RSS Feed:

  • Share the RSS Feed you own the rights of.
  • You have access to the email id linked to your RSS Feed.
  • Intermediate episodes in any of the seasons are not missing. The sequencing of your episodes is proper.