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How can I promote my podcast on JioSaavn?

JioSaavn has over 100Mn users streaming music & podcasts through its android/iOS apps & website. The best way to promote your podcast on JioSaavn is to build your followers on the platform. You can do this by letting your social media followers know that your podcast is available on JioSaavn.

How do I get started on JioSaavn with my podcast?

You can start with getting an RSS Feed from any of the hosting services for your podcast. Then you can share the RSS Feed with JioSaavn through the YourCast platform in a matter of minutes with the following process: Register/Get Started on JioSaavn YourCast by creating an account.Verify your…

How can I contact the JioSaavn Podcast Support team?

If you want to reach us out, you can always write to us at podcastsupport@jiosaavn.com. It will be really helpful if you could include your name, RSS Feed, hosting provider in your email to help us faster..

How do I get my podcast on JioSaavn?

JioSaavn doesn’t host podcasts, so you won’t be able to upload the raw audio files directly. However, you can list your existing podcast, on JioSaavn by submitting your RSS Feed link, using JioSaavn YourCast. In case you do not have an RSS link, you will need to use a…