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How to grow your podcast’s audience?

So you have a podcast? That’s awesome. Welcome to a space that’s getting increasingly competitive. There are over 2 million podcasts and more than 48 million episodes out there. So yes, in addition to great content, you also need to make an effort to get your show noticed. But how? Here are some tips.

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How to write a fiction podcast?

Where to begin? That’s usually the first thought every writer has when they stare at the blinking cursor on a Word doc.  Ironically, there’s no correct answer. You start where it makes the most sense to do so. But, if nothing makes sense – here’s everything you need to know…

How to build your brand on social media?

In 2021, being a musician, podcaster or any form of creator doesn’t end at having your track ready and mastered or your podcast recorded and edited. You can rather say, outside of this is where another crucial part of your work lies and it’s an ongoing process, whether you’ve got…

How to design your Visual Brand Identity as a creator?

How to more effectively brand your artwork  Your brand as a musician or podcaster is what communicates who you are, and connects you to your audience. Here we’ll focus on producing visual elements that effectively brand your podcast or album artwork, whether you’re working with a designer or DIY’ing it. …

How to get your songs heard?

The process can be daunting and confusing, but these guidelines should help you get a foot in the door. Pleaseremember: this is a two-way process. While the label reps are always looking to scout new talent, the talent must scout the right home for their art too.

How to approach the media as a new creator?

As an artist with new content to present - be it music or podcast, one of the key objectives while approaching the media is to generate interest in your work and to build recall. One of the first steps is to ensure you have a PR plan in place. It does not need to be too elaborate, just well planned.