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Seven LGBTQIA+ Artists Steadily Making it in the Indian Music Industry

This year, beyond recognizing and celebrating Pride Month with the LGBTQIA+ community, many can look upon it as a month of discovery of creative individuals (and communities) who are confident and growing with their identity. We spotlight seven artists who are unflinching, vulnerable and comfortable in different turns with their…

Five collaborations that spawned and prospered despite the pandemic

It’s been over a year now (and certainly feels like longer) since the pandemic pushed many musicians to rethink a lot of fundamental things about what they do. It didn’t change one essential aspect, though, which was forging ahead with making music itself. Whether it was sharpening their skills, taking…

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Your go-to guide for Influencer Marketing

In this day and age where the creator economy is one of the fastest-growing sectors even during the times of COVID, it’s very hard to not consume content every day and (for some)every minute. With the ease of access to all kinds of content platforms and creation tools, anyone with an opinion, thought and creative skill can become an influencer within their community and beyond.

Your go-to Content Strategy checklist

Congratulations, you’ve finally tweaked and perfected your upcoming single/EP/ album and are probably gearing up for your drop and are experiencing some pre-release jitters looking forward to the daunting and sometimes overwhelming task of rolling out your project into the world. We’ve put together a content strategy checklist to help you plan and navigate this release on your social media handles.

Your checklist to produce a podcast from home

he recent past has witnessed an exponential growth in the audience for podcasts, as this trend continues, there has never been a better time for businesses, brands and individual content creators to start their own podcasts. With upgrades in technology and its increased access, creating a podcast has become easier than ever.