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Regional Podcasts – A Goldmine For Engagement

India is soon approaching 1billion internet users and the majority of them will be coming for the first time on the internet with a huge population being the youth. Many of them might not understand English or even Hindi for that matter. This is where we creators get an opportunity to hit the goldmine of India’s diversity!

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The evolution of Punjabi Music from regional to mainstream.

By 2021 the regional music industry has adapted well to the digital market. Over the last couple of years, the Punjabi music industry has emerged as the biggest non-film music industry in the country. A few artists have given hits, nationally and internationally, particularly in diaspora-rich countries like Canada, UK, and the MENA region. The audience is hence getting bigger and growing further.

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Beginner’s Guide to ArtistOne

"ArtistOne is the all-new & updated version of Artist Insights. It’s an all-purpose platform built by the JioSaavn team to help musicians grow. It not only gives the artists & their team the treasure trove of insights about their audience and music performances but also enables them to make their profile & music more engaging and discoverable for their listeners. "

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Beginner’s Guide to Music Publishing

The world of music publishing in India has largely been an urban legend for a long time. Arguably, this is in part due to an industry that is still in its developmental stage, the lack of proper knowledge about the various rights involved, coupled with a Copyright Act that some…

Beginners Guide to YourCast

JioSaavn YourCast is a platform built for podcast creators to help them grow their podcast on JioSaavn. It is built by the JioSaavn team to serve as a gateway for podcast creators to publish & grow podcasts directly on the platform. Through YourCast, podcasters get to share their content with…