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Welcome to JioSaavn for Creators

Creators have been at the centre of the JioSaavn brand from its early years. From in-house programs for artist development to national brand campaigns with artists in focus to creator focused products - our endeavour has always been to create an ecosystem that works as a stimulus to the creator economy. With JioSaavn for Creators you can expect information about new products and programmes, panels and masterclasses & news you can use.

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Dear Younger Self by Ankur Tewari

"Music is my saviour. It has saved me and sailed me through enough storms for me to believe in it. It is my superpower. My origin story though, is not as dramatic to be made into a graphic novel."

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Dear Younger Self by Armaan Malik

"Whatever you do, pour your heart into it 110% since you don't know how many souls you touch with the smallest of your actions. You will not see the results immediately but trust me, the wait will be worth it!"

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How to get your songs heard?

The process can be daunting and confusing, but these guidelines should help you get a foot in the door. Pleaseremember: this is a two-way process. While the label reps are always looking to scout new talent, the talent must scout the right home for their art too.

How to approach the media as a new creator?

As an artist with new content to present - be it music or podcast, one of the key objectives while approaching the media is to generate interest in your work and to build recall. One of the first steps is to ensure you have a PR plan in place. It does not need to be too elaborate, just well planned.

How to pitch yourself to a streaming service editor?

Every artist's journey is unique. The best way to showcase yourself is to highlight how authentic you are to the music you are putting out. Tell us what your music sounds like to you. Feel free to mention if there are other noteworthy artists that are sonically similar to the music you are making.