#JioSaavnReplay 2021: Punjabi Music Trends

By Jasleen Kaur, Editor - JioSaavn: Punjabi

Punjabi music has grown from just the classical folk songs of yester years into the billion dollar music industry that it is today. With the mainstream Bollywood and global stars also adapting a number of Punjabi songs, the scene has expanded immensely over the past few years. Yet, somehow it stays attached to the core grassroots of this musical movement. As expected, 2021 has been another amazing year in Punjabi music. Let’s take a look back on these past 12 months with the most notable genres and artists in Punjabi, along with some of our favourite playlist artworks from 2021.

Kaka – King of Romantic Tracks

Romance is a genre that is loved by all and the magic which Kaka weaves with his voice and lyrics is tremendous. Be it “Keh Len De”, “Ashiq Purana” or “Viyah Di Khabar”, each of his signature hits have been unique and have received a lot of love from fans and critics alike.

B Praak

We all know The Man; we all love his amazingly emotional hits. We’ve all felt something in our hearts whenever we hear B Praak’s music, be it “Mann Bhareya”, “Filhaal” or “Teri Mitti”. Not just the master of emotional love songs, he is also behind the amazing music of “Bijlee Bijlee” by Harrdy Sadhu, “Laare” by Maninder Buttar and other party bangers, which have kept us grooving on the dancefloors all year.

Sidhu Moose Wala

“Dil Da Ni Mada Tera Sidhu Moose Wala”

Well this year, Sidhu has totally nailed it. From being “Gabroo” to “Ashiq”; no one expected this amazing transformation from him. By letting fans discover his romantic side & building on his earlier catalogue of love songs like “Sohne Lagde”, “Chosen” & “Aaj Kal Ve”, he has broken through the glass ceiling and proved that hardcore hip-hop stars can sing romance as well.

Maninder Buttar

“Sakhiyaan” star Maninder Buttar has made his mark on the 2021 charts by giving us the beautifully romantic hit “Paani Di Gal”. With his amazing voice and magical musical arrangements, we’ve been listening to “Paani Di Gal” on loop all year.

AP Dhillon

AP Dhillon, of the “Brown Munde” fame, has also given us an amazingly romantic track “Ma Belle” this year. The awesome music, the poignant lyrics and his mesmerising voice is such a perfect combination that his songs have left a mark on the hearts of every Punjabi music listener this year.

Jassa Dhillon

Jassa Dhillon has had a great 2021 with some massive hits like “Raule”, “Love Like Me” & “Takre”. His amazingly versatile album “Above All” is the perfect combination of diverse genres and themes like Romance, Pop, Hip-Hop and Dance. “Talja” from this album is one of the biggest hits of this year. An interesting little trivia about this song, the groovy background music of the track was actually composed by none other than Gur Sidhu, making sure it becomes a mainstay in everybody’s year end party playlists.


Harnoor is the rising star of the year in the Punjabi music Industry. Being an indie artist, he has made a special place in the hearts of his fans with his fresh voice and some refreshing music. With an already established hit like “Waalian” on his track record, Harnoor has given us a couple of the most memorable Romantic hits of this year “Chan Vekheya” and “Parshawan”.

Tegi Pannu

Another newcomer whose star continues to rise rapidly in the industry is Tegi Pannu. His album is a hidden gem that Punjabi music fans have been lucky to discover this year. “Into You” from the album definitely deserves a special mention. A song that represents the laments of a true one sided “Ashiq”, the emotions of which are so beautifully captured by the artist; it is sure to make the listener go ‘Awwwwww….’ Not just a Romantic heart throb, Tegi Pannu has also shown that he can be a great Hip-Hop artist in the near future with smash hits like “Schedule” and “Fully loaded” this year.

Top Albums of this Year

Maninder Buttar’s first Album “Jugni” is a Massive hit across the board in the Punjabi music industry. A Romantic album through and through, fans are spoiled for choice with the tracklist as each song on the album is a unique expression of love in its own way. The concepts behind the music videos have also been extremely original. Never before have Punjabi music fans seen a mainstream artist like him, dedicate an entire album to his beloved pet dog, also named “Jugni”. Songs like “Pani Di Gal”, “Mombatiyan” and “Ohle Ohle” from the album are true gems of his artistic expression.

Barood Wargi

Simran Kaur Dhadli’s track ‘Barood Wargi’ is one of the biggest hip hop hits of 2021 from the underground scene. This banger has already made some noise in Bollywood, with quite a few celebrities grooving to the song on social media. The verses are extremely potent and powerful with some absolutely banging Hip-Hop beats. Other notable songs by Simran this year are “Notaan Wali Dhauns” and “Reality Check”.

Qismat 2

Fans have been talking about the music of the the movie “Qismat 2” all year. Featuring superstars like Ammy Virk, B Praak, Afsana Khan, Jaani, Asees Kaur, Romy & Jyoti Nooran, the movie has given us one of the most romantic albums of this year. One interesting bit of album trivia – each song from the movie represents a different stage of a relationship, thus taking the listeners on a uniquely romantic journey that makes one laugh and cry along with the characters of the story.

Honsla Rakh

Well, does this movie even need an introduction?In 2021 fans were fortunate enough to see some of the biggest superstars of the Punjabi Entertainment Industry in one frame, for the first time. Diljit Dosanjh shines as always, showing off his versatility as an artist by giving us perfect Bhangra tracks like “Number 5”, “Lalkaare” and “Sher”; along with the most motivational track of 2021 “Honsla Rakh” all in the very same superhit album.