Dear Younger Self by Gayathri Vigneshwar

Host of the Podcast : Tamil pesra oru Hindi sweet

What else could I write to you other than – Thank you! 

When the world was busy regretting their past flaws and missed opportunities, I want to hug you for standing up so we could be what I am today.

Because you were a bomb shell of fresh blood and energy

Because you pushed me to be here with an undying passion

Because you motivated me from an unknown source of light

Because you supported me from my inside everytime I had a doubt on myself

Because you said that I was doing good and one day I will become the way I am now

I am here writing a thanking note to you, I love the way you were and I love everything about you!

A cliche yet a logical one this time 🙂

If you weren’t the way you were, I WOULD HAVE BEEN NOTHING TODAY


The one created by the bits and pieces of you.

– Jilebi!

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