Regional Podcasts – A Goldmine For Engagement

Opportunities within regional podcasts creation

By Rohan Thakar – Founder Ep.Log Media; Host – Hit The Road

From making people understand what a “podcast” is to now, becoming one of the hottest growing mediums in the digital arena, the Indian podcast scene has come a long way and is on a trajectory to become a part of the mainstream media landscape very soon.

But, the reason why the concept of podcasts got clicked is because of the relatability with the audience that came by creating India centric content.

Podcast creators today are creating shows on so many diverse genres from mass topics like- films, entertainment, music, news, motivation, audio stories/dramas, to highly focused niches like – mental health, parenting, design, and so much more!

While all this is great, there is one limitation that these podcasts have – majority of them are in English. 

India is soon approaching 1 billion internet users and the majority of them will be coming for the first time on the internet with a huge population being the youth. Many of them might not understand English or even Hindi for that matter. 

This is where we creators get an opportunity to hit the goldmine of India’s diversity!Ever wondered, in spite of India becoming so much modern, why do the folk tales and music still work like a charm?

Audio is one of the most personal mediums and a great way to make it even more personal is to communicate with your audience in their native language.

There are so many stories and experiences which get left behind because of the language barrier. All the above mentioned categories can have podcasts in regional languages.

For example, if you are doing a podcast in one of the most popular genres- entrepreneurial insights featuring experiences of businessmenYes, there are so many shows in English. Here, you are missing out on 2 things:1) An audience who can’t understand English/ don’t prefer English content2) A very inspiring story of an entrepreneur that you missed because he/she couldn’t speak in English.

When you consider doing a podcast in the regional language you are getting the concentrated attention of those who are proud of their language and culture. So, even if the number may be small you have a chance of getting engagement levels that are much higher than any other language.

At the same time, that does not mean, you should not do a podcast in English. Both have their advantages and reach different kinds of audiences.Now, if you already have a podcast and it’s working great for you, consider expanding your property by creating your multilingual podverse. For example, we at Ep.Log created a show- Being The Change (English), where we shared stories about people on how they brought a positive change in the society. After much success, we started the same podcast in Marathi, where we maintained the same format and shared unheard stories from the corners of Maharashtra that otherwise might not be accessible at all! Another example is our podcasts on experiences of celebrities and public figures about their lives beyond work- Meri Kahani with Bhawana Somaaya (English), Pravaas (Gujarati), Sol Curry with Rima Sadashiv Amarapurkar (Marathi). Same format, different guests, different stories, concentrated communities!There are endless opportunities with podcasts in regional languages and the more we create content in these languages, we are helping the new generation of netizens come online to use our podcasts to get entertained/ learn something new.If you believe in your content, your intentions are clear, disciplined to stay consistent, adapt and innovate, your podcast is going to be heard, appreciated and the wisdom will be implemented by many.

– Rohan Thakar

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