Creating multi language podcasts that are culturally rooted

Aabir Lahiry – Editor, Podcasts ABP Network

India is united just like a big set of lego pieces, all the pieces are different in shape, size and colors but when united they form this beautiful looking output. Our approach has been similar at ABP Live Podcasts. Lets create audio content by exploring the forte and positives of different Indian languages. This way we create an impact in the life of millions in a positive way while giving them a satisfactory tone that this is culturally rooted. 

Today, Hindi and English is not the only language where the content is created or consumed. Along with several Indian languages, a wide variety of dialects and foreign languages are also part of this spectrum. Additionally, with the penetration of Internet into the narrow lanes of India, every consumer has the power to choose what, when and how he would consume a content and in which form. This opens a big door of opportunities for regional podcasters who can leverage this by keeping a ‘language first’ approach. This format of regional language content creation is beneficial for the podcaster in terms of reach maximisation and also revenue growth. Regional podcasters can create their own set of loyal audience base and can attract brands and advertisers to be associated with them. Also for a brand or advertiser, they get to deliver their message directly to their target audience in the language they speak and understand. 

ABP Network has always adapted a language first approach. Started from the culturally rich state of West Bengal, the network has grown its TV and digital footprint to Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu and Punjabi. Our focus has always been in delivery the news in its purest form while being culturally rooted. Recently we launched our 2 popular television shows as a podcast which is cherished by the audience. Ghonta Khanek Sange Suman is an award winning Bengali daily news television show from ABP Ananda and Marathi conversations with the popular celebrities and social influencers on Majha Katta from ABP Majha is also served as  a podcast. Our podcast Golpe Robi, which presents the stories of Tagore in a modern voice is cherished not only in Bengal but by every bengali understanding person across the country. 

I understand that building a successful regional language podcast is not easy. Challenges such as low audience reach, financial sustainability, small pool of information to dig, internet penetration can be tough to deal with but I believe a lean content strategy is something a new podcaster should apply. Start with a very small home studio setup with a regular mic or mobile phone, invest good time in keeping the content quality high, research the latest cultural trends and plan you content accordingly, also collaborate with other content creators. The key to good quality content and successful  reach is collaboration. Regional language podcasters should aggressively collaborate with other podcasters to build the space which will result in their growth. Also, copying an idea from a different language or medium may not work everytime as every culture and medium is different. Its better for the podcaster to focus on the uniqueness of his own culture or language while understanding the user behaviour on audio content. I truly believe that success of any content business in future will ride on the fact that whether that business is empowering others or not. If any publisher is aggregating and empowering other content creators, they both can magnify their reach and potential to grow. Its best for a content creator or podcaster to try different ways of distributing and promoting. Approaching content from a hawk eye view and drawing a bigger picture will benefit the podcaster in making this a success story. 

Going forward, I believe podcasters will grow by exploring innovations in the audio space which comes from different dialects within a language. Also tech will act as a catalyst in the path of content consumption. Its that time when we start fusing technology with every content idea and drive it as an innovation for a better and higher quality future. 

– Aabir Lahiry

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