How to grow your podcast’s audience?

by Aditya Kuber, Co-Founder Ideabrew Studios

So you have a podcast? That’s awesome. Welcome to a space that’s getting increasingly competitive. There are over 2 million podcasts and more than 48 million episodes out there. So yes, in addition to great content, you also need to make an effort to get your show noticed. But how? Here are some tips.

Launch Big!

When listeners first discover your show, it’s the best opportunity you have to make them a subscriber. Be sure to launch with at least 2-3 episodes. That way, the listener has a better idea of what you have to offer. At this point, it’s very important that you embed strong Calls To Action (CTA) that prompt the users to like your show.

Audiograms & Social Media

This is a tried and tested method to get more people to be aware of your show. There are some great tools like Headliner, Wavve, Auphonic and the (not so) wittily named Audiogram! The biggest benefit of an audiogram is that it is highly sharable on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and they offer a quick sample of the content of your show.

Remember, make an audiogram for each episode you release and limit it to under 1 minute for best results. Think of this as a trailer for the episode you are releasing. 

Blogs & Transcriptions

An often overlooked aspect of driving your podcast discovery and growth is the role SEO plays. While you will be discovered on JioSaavn, Google search is equally important to drive users to discover your show. Most hosting platforms let you create a single-page website for your show. You could book a domain for your show, redirect it to the platform (all fairly simple to do) and drive SEO through regular publishing to the blog. Additionally, transcripts of your episodes on this will help Google index it and throw it up as a search result for any relevant searches. 

Grow Reach 

In addition to everything else, it’s important to grow the reach of the show and recall for yourself and the show. Here are some ways you could do this:

  • Leverage the Guest’s Reach – Ensure your show guests have enough material to promote the show. This can be artwork, audiogram, links and copy with CTAs.
  • Drive Ratings – Keep asking your listeners to rate your show. This helps it show up higher on podcast aggregators like Pod100 and Podchaser.
  • Cross-promote – Connect with other podcasters and cross-promote your show on theirs. You can reciprocate by promoting theirs and help them grow too.
  • Emailers – Create a mailing list and notify your listeners of a new episode. This helps build a strong connection with the listeners and ensure higher return listeners.
  • Pitch yourself – Clubhouse, Spaces and more are offering a new way to connect with the audio audiences. Use these to be part of topic-specific “rooms” and pitch yourself.

As a creator, not everything listed above is possible so pick a few and measure the response. Try out a few new things every now and then till you find what works best for your show. And then, share the knowledge!

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