Dear Younger Self by Natania Lalwani

by Natania Lalwani | Songwriter & Artist


You’re probably an emotional mess right now dealing with your first heartbreak, trying to study for the SAT, writing your first few songs, all while convincing your parents to let you go to music college all the way in America. You have a million emotions and can be pretty dramatic right now (lol), but I’m here to tell you that life is going to turn out pretty great! 

You’re going to follow your dream and fill your days with purpose, living your truth. You’ll have your very own apartment, living on your own in Los Angeles, and music will be your job! Nothing happens overnight, and your career will be filled with small steps that lead to big moments. Remember to enjoy the small victories; they’re super special. I know you hate the word “No”, but try as early as you can to learn to love it. You’ll be hearing it a lot but remember each no leads to a yes, and it’ll make you appreciate the yes’s so much more. It’s not the end of the world when something doesn’t happen the way you thought it would. The universe is just redirecting you to something better that’s actually meant for you. You’ll also use the things that don’t work out as motivation to be great and kick down some doors. 

Surround yourself with good people, and you will help each other through the downs and experience the highs of this crazy world together. Don’t let anything or anyone take away your wide-eyed dreamer perspective. That’s what’s going to push you to step outside your comfort zone and have you reach out to people you don’t even know. That will lead to some really freaking cool opportunities. 

I could list some things you’re going to do, but I’m only going to mention one thing cause I know you’re going to lose your mind over this currently – you’re going to write songs with Jesse McCartney for his album (you think I’m lying, I’m not! Haha!). 

I know you’re probably reading this and want to race to where I am now. But savor every moment along the way, let go of the things you have zero control over, pour your full heart into anything you do, be honest, humble and kind, learn how to use a pressure cooker as soon as you can (it’s life-changing), figure out how to do taxes (I know you suck at math but I believe in you), chase the goosebumps, fall in love, let your heart break again and again (it makes for some great music) and most importantly love yourself. 

After writing this all out, I hope this letter gets lost in the mail and returns to sender, cause what’s the fun in knowing all of this already? – make your mistakes, make your choices, make your moments just how you would. Everything will turn out beautiful no matter what. 

Love you, 


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