Beginner’s Guide to ArtistOne

by Priya Singh | Product at JioSaavn

ArtistOne is the all-new & updated version of Artist Insights. It’s an all-purpose platform built by the JioSaavn team to help musicians grow. It not only gives the artists & their team the treasure trove of insights about their audience and music performances but also enables them to make their profile & music more engaging and discoverable for their listeners. 

ArtistOne is powered by the streaming data of 100+ Mn users who are listening to music on the JioSaavn app and website. With more than 100 million users using the JioSaavn app & website across the world and a deep penetration in India’s tier 2 & tier 3 cities, the data & insights collected are as honest as it can get and a true indicator of an artist’s music performance & audience size. This paints an honest picture of the artist’s current standing and their growth with every release.

To be a part of the JioSaavn’s artist community, all you as an artist or their manager needs to do is register on ArtistOne and then raise a request to claim your JioSaavn artist profile. Once we have verified who you are, all the features & benefits of ArtistOne are at your fingertips. In this new version, labels also have an invite only access to the ArtistOne profile of their associated artists. Such invitations can be sent by any verified artist or their manager from ArtistOne.

Get A Verified Blue Tick

Once you have access to ArtistOne, your profile on the JioSaavn apps & website gets a verified blue tick mark. This will let your listeners know that your artist profile is managed by you.

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Control Your JioSaavn Profile

Once you have claimed your artist profile via ArtistOne, you take control of your JioSaavn artist page. From the Profile section of ArtistOne, you can update your artist image. You can also curate a collection of your favourite songs and publish them as an Artist Playlist on JioSaavn. You can also send your bio across to update it on your profile.

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Understand Your Audience

With ArtistOne, you will have access to insights about your listeners. You will know what age group, geography and gender they fall into. These insights can be very handy when you are –

1) Planning a venue for your next gig by picking a city you are popular in

2) Promoting your next release or a gig digitally on social media, 

3) Deciding on the right brands for partnership depending on what’s popular with your audience cohort etc.

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Track Your New Releases Better

With ArtistOne, it’s very easy to track the performance of your new releases. You can not only track daily performance of that song, but you can also compare the performance of this new release against your past releases. Optimising the marketing strategy for your new releases was never easier.

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Engage Your Audience

ArtistOne also lets you enhance your audience’s experience of consuming your music. You can add a short video (Shortie) to each of your songs so that your listeners can watch it on loop while listening to your music on the JioSaavn app. Our experience suggests that music with shorties are more engaging.

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Make your music reach places

Being a part of the ArtistOne community also makes it easier for your listeners to discover your music. It lets you raise a request to feature your music on JioSaavn editorial playlist (the tab is placed on the top right of the Playlist Feature section. If you’d like to read more about pitching to the Music Programming Team, click here).

You can also track when your song is featured to a popular playlist and number of streams your song received from that playlist. Cool, right?

Track Your Career

Your song hitting a new personal record number of streams? Your standing among your peers got better? You will be able to track & celebrate all these milestones with ArtistOne.

Invite Your Team

As a verified user of ArtistOne, you can also invite the other members of the artist management team to ArtistOne to keep a stronger hold on your artist’s growth on JioSaavn. Artists of the team also have the ability to revoke access of any team member at any time. 

The JioSaavn Artist community is growing every day and we at JioSaavn are constantly working to make it more useful for all the artists.

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