Your go-to guide for Influencer Marketing

by Meghna Kallat | Marketing at JioSaavn and Artist Originals

In this day and age where the creator economy is one of the fastest-growing sectors, it’s very hard to not consume content every day. With the ease of access to all kinds of content platforms and creation tools, anyone with an opinion, thought and creative skill can become an influencer within their community and beyond.

And that’s why it’s important for you, as a creator yourself, to look at ways you can promote your content in the best way possible while leveraging the resources you have. If it’s influencer marketing that you want to allocate your efforts towards then here are a few things that should help you plan better:

Understand the TG of your content

While you’d like to believe your music or podcast should transcend genres and demographics, and it’s for everyone well in reality that’s not entirely true. It’s very important to be pragmatic about your approach to defining your audience – start small, engage well and then look at widening your fanbase.

Go through the insights of all platforms you use and zero in on the basic sample pool of people you think your content will make the most sense to.

Identify the right influencers

Now that you have your “Target Audience” you should do a simple check on what their content consumption habits and interests are. Make a list of influencers, best in the category as well as nano/micro ones, that create content that resonates with your target audience.

Pro tip – Make a focus group of 5 friends, who you think make up your audience and are a fit for your content, check the kind of influencers they follow. You’d possibly get a list of 10 odd names from this exercise solely.

Use your network

Be shameless to ask for help, worst case scenario –  you’ll get a response which you didn’t hope for while best-case scenario is that they help you out, share your content with their network and that helps you reach out to 100 more people. Believe in the power of people, kindness, and relationships. You’d be surprised with the outcomes.

Set Goals – Awareness or Engagement? 

Now this is a toughie and something to mull over. Having a set goal for your campaign is important so that you can craft your campaign better. The choice generally would be between – How many people on social media know about you and your content which can be measured via shares, mentions, impressions etc. OR  Building an engaged community which can be measured by engagement rate, follower growth, conversion rate etc.

Both are equally important metrics but that could vary on what your immediate goal is for yourself and your content.

Clear Briefs

I can’t emphasize on this enough. At the end of the day remember, while creators should have creative liberty to do what they want because they know what works for their audience best, it is of utmost importance you help them with guidelines and mandates which are simple, crisp, and put across the campaign theme and thought. Whether it be mandates like who to tag and what # to use TO sharing references of what you have in mind.

Use the latest features of the platform you’re using 

Given today’s competitive landscape amongst Content Creation and Sharing Platforms, new features are being introduced and pushed by platforms every few months – whether it be the recent trend of Instagram’s Remix Reels or JioSaavn’s Shorties. Don’t forget to keep a lookout for such updates on the platforms you use especially because platforms put in significant effort in promoting those features in-app – SO MAKE THE MOST OF them! 

Amplify the influencer content

While your influencer campaign is helping you pump up promotions for your content, it might be a good idea to amplify the campaign through shoulder content, paid boosts, and shoutouts. Co-promotion not only helps increase the reach of your content but also helps to create goodwill with the influencers you work with since you’re pushing their content and profile.

Quality or Quantity? 

Well, this depends a lot on how much you have allocated monetarily for this activity. More often than not, the influencers you may want to work with don’t fit in your budget – in this case, you can consider spreading the budget across more numbers so that you create a buzz through numbers and not spend on working with just a few top in the segment influencers. Having said that, there is merit in choosing the latter too, depends on how you gauge opportunity cost on either of those options basis insights you gather from the influencers’ profiles. 

Never compromise on quality, though. The subhead for this point was a trick question. The creators you work with reflect the vision of your project so it’s best to be sure of what you want and what you don’t. Have some leeway for creative liberty but don’t invest in something you don’t believe in.

Release Plan

Charting out which influencer you want to break the campaign with and the frequency at which you want the content to be posted is important. Do check in on the peak times of each influencer’s profile, you’d want to put out the content at a time when their followers engage with the profile most. I’d recommend having a 3-4 day plan depending on the number of people you’re working with and start strong with your biggest influencer. Try to create as much buzz as possible through the above-mentioned points so that you organically are featured on the home pages of the platforms. 


And you thought that was it. This is one of the most integral things to keep tabs on which many don’t follow through on. Do a campaign report and its effects on your content pre, immediately after, and one month after – this should help you ascertain who worked for you and in what way? Going forward this will help you plan campaigns better.

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