How to build your brand on social media?

by Shrey Jadav | Social Media at JioSaavn

In 2021, being a musician, podcaster or any form of creator doesn’t end at having your track ready and mastered or your podcast recorded and edited. You can rather say, outside of this is where another crucial part of your work lies and it’s an ongoing process, whether you’ve got a release tomorrow or you’re just penning down some ideas for your next podcast. 

One thing’s simple – “What sells is what is seen” and in the ocean that social media is, there’s way more than plenty of fish and it’s really important to stand out and be seen. 

Understanding Yourself

Step one and hands down the most important one is really reflecting on who you are as an artist and what you really stand for. Define your niche as much, this will not only help you get clarity on the direction you want to head in but also help your audience to really know you, your work and establish you as a brand for prospective clients and collaborators. It all starts with believing in your art and your uniqueness, start with telling yourself this in DJ Khaled’s words, “YOU DA BEST MUSIC!”

Post Consistently

Think of your social media handles as your modern-day portfolio. While there’s no limit on how much you’re allowed to post, you want a follower to see enough content that tells them about you but at the same time not be spammy, just like you wouldn’t apply to a job by sending a 3 page CV. The content on your social media is what builds you as a brand. Post about content that entertains and builds intrigue among your followers, tell them stories behind your music/podcast, tell them about your creative processes. The good thing is, you’ll know you’re posting way too much and not the right things once your reach starts to drop. So post enough and leave them hungry for more. 😉

It’s also important to keep an eye out on product updates and features across social media as well as a willingness to try out newer platforms, gotta stay updated here. 

Engage and Communicate

Small things like replying to every single DM can go a long way, especially when you’re just starting out as a creator. Listen to what your audience is telling you, what they like, what they didn’t. More importantly, communicating with your audience where can is just…..nice. 🙂

There’s a couple of easy tools on Instagram that can help you with this. Add the Question widget to your story and take up some questions, do a LIVE session and talk to some fans, or honestly, take some time in the day to reply to comments. 

Be relatable

You might be working on your personal brand, but we’re all still human at the end of the day and nothing is more attractive than relatability. You might be really surprised at how happy your fans can get just knowing that their favorite creator is “a lot like me”. While aesthetics are important, not everything on your page has to be rigid, remember to have fun, be goofy, show them what you’re cooking, drop a photo of your cat or a REALLY bad, bad hair day. (maybe not this)

Work with other creators

The vast ocean of potential followers lies with other artists that share your niche. Consume their content and see what they’re doing right.  Slide into their DMs, work with them, experiment as much. Arriving at a creative equilibrium may be hard and you may not get the results you expected but there’s a lot of learning that will follow and learning is always worth it.

Be Genuine

No creative process is picture perfect and everyone knows that. There’s no need to paint a picture of everything being hunky dory about you and your art. Share incidents of your mistakes, shortcomings and failures. Tell your fans things that you’d tell a friend you trust, people dig that. 

Monitor your handles

Your ultimate goal is of course growth, keep an eye of what your audience likes and build on the same. Take feedback in your stride.

These are a few things to keep in mind for a creator in 2021. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, there’s only one way for you which is upwards….and ultimately, world domination (yay).

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