Dear Younger Self by Anushka Manchanda

by Anushka Manchanda

My Dear Sweet Girl,

Without even knowing why, you always went with the flow. Without knowing, you had trust in the universe, and let it guide you! This has and will always serve you well. 

They told you you had to wear high heels and be glamorous on stage. Instead, you went rock & roll. They told you you had to “network” to get work. You never sucked up to anybody. They told you to sing shitty songs on stage because those songs were popular. You tried, and eventually performed whatever you wanted to. They wanted to fit you into a box and you refused. You built your own path, and thanks to you feeling and doing things with your heart..I am here today, in a place where I am creating and producing art exactly the way I want, from a position of power over the way I play out my life.

I’m so glad you moved to Goa for the years that you did. Party and dance your heart out, because you’re gonna be busy AF in the future! Happy..because you are passionate about what you do, but busy AF! 

After Angry Indian Goddesses, most parts that will get offered to you won’t be as amazing. This is a once in a lifetime piece of work, so don’t be disappointed when you find nothing else like it. 

Can you please read Eat That Frog, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and Ikigai ASAP?! And stop telling people you’ll be ready in 15 minutes!? That kind of optimism will get you in trouble! 

I wanna tell you not to take the Focals out of the studio for that party because they’re gonna get busted. But this is a lesson about equipment you need to learn the hard way.

At the end I want to say to did good. Have faith, wear your honesty like the badge of honor that you do, and enjoy your non-pms life. It’s gonna get worse as you get older. But you will learn that you love your femininity and find out for yourself that one can be soft yet strong at the same time.

At the end let me say, the universe will take care of you. Have gratitude and don’t color your hair.

I love you.


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