Beginners Guide to YourCast

by Priya Singh | Product at JioSaavn

JioSaavn YourCast is a platform built for podcast creators to help them grow their podcast on JioSaavn. It is built by the JioSaavn team to serve as a gateway for podcast creators to publish & grow podcasts directly on the platform.

Through YourCast, podcasters get to share their content with 100Mn+ users on the JioSaavn app & website. The users are across the world with a deep penetration in India’s tier 2 & tier 3 cities. This lets podcast creators find their audience – niche & focused or masses across the world.

To be a part of the podcast community on JioSaavn, you can register yourself here . You can either submit a fresh podcast or claim your podcast that is already live on JioSaavn after registering. 

Submit your Podcast on JioSaavn

As a first step, all podcast creators can register themselves on YourCast here. In the next step you need to submit your podcast via an RSS Feed and fill in some details about the podcast. Lastly, complete a simple OTP verification of podcast ownership, and submit the podcast. Once it gets live, the podcast will be available for streaming on all JioSaavn apps & website. We also have our engineering systems watching your RSS Feed for any kind of update every few hours. This enables your listeners to stream the latest content as soon as you update the RSS Feed on the hosting platform.

Claim a live Podcast on JioSaavn

If your podcast is already live on JioSaavn via JioSaavn partner integrations, YourCast lets you claim your podcast in a matter of a few minutes. All you need to do is register and share the RSS Feed that is already live. With a simple OTP verification of podcast ownership, you can claim the podcast to track the performance of your podcast.

Overall Performance & Episode Level Stats

Completion rate of an episode

After the podcast goes live on JioSaavn, podcast owners can track the performance of their show through YourCast. Be it the overall podcast streams or stream count on a daily basis, the platform has it all. With YourCast you will have access to insights about the average playtime of any of the episodes. It further has a display chart about how many people are dropping out at what point on your episode. This will give you insights about what section of your episode people liked or dropped at.

All About Audience

YourCast also showcases the information about your listeners. You will have answers to questions like – Which city listens to your podcast the most? Which age group and gender are your listeners? This info can help you plan your promotions and pick the topics which interests them the most. 

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