Your go-to Content Strategy checklist

by Sinclair Gonsalves | Social Media and Content Creation at JioSaavn

Does your release content strategy tick all these boxes 

Congratulations, you’ve finally tweaked and perfected your upcoming single/EP/ album and are probably gearing up for your drop and are experiencing some pre-release jitters looking forward to the daunting and sometimes overwhelming task of rolling out your project into the world.

We’ve put together a content strategy checklist to help you plan and navigate this release on your social media handles:


Make sure you’ve got your consistent communication going out during your campaign period. Your captions on posts, your copy in videos, and promotional pieces should all reflect the tone of your release. This creates a seamless experience for your fans discovering your music across your social media. 


You don’t want to be announcing your release and then going silent about it a few days later. This could affect the listenership in the most crucial period of your campaign. We’d recommend you plan for at least 2-3 months with a heavy focus on your first month/month and a half. You can consider plotting out IG live appearances, release of your music video, collaborations with other artists, supporting video pieces, and contests/giveaways across your calendar to help with a sustained push for your song/EP/album. 

Creatives assets – Record everything! 

Your aim here would be to create as many supporting pieces of content for your release as possible without running the risk of repeating your photos/videos. Here are some examples of content you could look to put together:

  • A video that breaks down the story behind the song.
  • Behind the scenes video and footage of when the song was being recorded and worked on in the studio. 
  • Candid photos and videos on set while your working on your music video.
  • Images from your press shoot/ photoshoot. 
  • Live performance of the song from a previous show.
  • Keep 15, 30, and 45-second clips of your music video in multiple resolutions for different social channels. 

It’s no longer just Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can add Triller, Twitch, and the host of short video platforms in India to the list of outlets you can potentially use to promote your song. Invest some time researching the different audiences these platforms can help you tap into and double down on the channels you choose. Repurpose 15, 30, and 45-second clips from the list of videos above and share them across these channels. 

Friends and Family 

If you’re just starting out –  every share, like and comment counts. Tap into your friend circles, musicians you hang out with or other artists you might know. 

Set Goals 

And finally, set goals for yourself. Goals for streams and impressions, and reach on your posts. Revisit these goals on a weekly basis and assess your progress based on the data. 

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