How to pitch yourself to a streaming service editor?

by Neetu Puri and Kaushik Ghosh | Editorial and Music Programming at JioSaavn

As an artist in 2021, it is essential to have your work present across streaming platforms to gain maximum access to your audience. With this article, we will try to take you through some best practices and some things to keep in mind while approaching streaming platforms 

When sending in your request for support be sure to comprehensively answer these 2 very basic queries that every editor is bound to have.

Who YOU Are

Every artist’s journey is unique. The best way to showcase yourself is to highlight how authentic you are to the music you are putting out. Mention how you see yourself as an artist,  the people you’ve collaborated with in the past, where you are currently & also where you are coming from because we sincerely want to know the myriad of different factors that helped with shaping your music.

In Short: Tell us why you make music.

The rest is easy: send us high resolution images; links to your previous body of work, your official handles & of course any press clippings that you deem worthy.

What YOU Do

Tell us what your music sounds like to you. Feel free to mention if there are other noteworthy artists that are sonically similar to the music you are making. Is this a one time single? Or do you plan to collate it all together and later release an EP or an album. Let us know if you plan to make a music video in the near future. Most importantly, mention the language of your current release & if you have put out releases in other languages in the past.

Since turnabout is fair play, let us also answer the same queries so that you can have a better understanding of what to expect from the editorial team.

Who WE Are

A bunch of fans dedicated to shining a light on the best the scene has to offer. Our job as ‘tastemakers’ is to help listeners discover music that is most authentic to our culture & work with artists at every level to contribute towards the evolution of our local scenes.

What WE Do

Take your music to a lot of new listeners. Surface your music in relevant sections of the app & seed your songs in relevant playlists.

To be fair, all of the above ‘gyaan’ can be simply summed up in our favourite 90s lyric…

You are our fire…

Your music is what we desire…

Believe when we say…

We want it in this way…



*Verify & Claim your Artist Profile On ArtistOne and pitch to the team only from your artist dashboard.

Step 1 – Go to the Music Icon on your dashboard

Step 2 – Select and click the song you’d like to pitch, you will be redirected to a new page

Step 3 – Scroll down to the Playlist features section and click on the tab to the right (Ref below)

Step 4 – Fill out the details as per the form and submit it

To read more on ArtistOne and its features, click here.

Ref of Pitching Button on ArtistOne (Top right corner above Playlist Features section).

*Send High Resolution Artist Images

*Send UPC & ISRC Codes

*Mention the language of your current release

*Mention your Distributor and/or aggregator details, so that we can also check from our end

*Send Private Listening Links

*Tell us the story ‘behind the artist’

*Tell us the story ‘behind the release’

*Read the fine print; make sure you meet every deadline & every commitment

*Use the JioSaavn music app; familiarise yourself with the big playlists

*Be HYPERactive on your Socials: preview upcoming music by dropping hints & teasers; share your songs/ playlists from the app tagging our official handles. Remember there are a lot of social media platforms & not a moment to waste if you want to ensure your presence in a relevant listener’s release radar.

*Post swipe up video ids in a horizontal format on IG stories


*Expect an immediate impact on release day.

*Get static after release week. Sustaining traction right after is your biggest priority.

*Cut Corners: Especially when it comes to mixing & mastering your song. Micro-manage every detail; be the perfectionist. If you lack expertise, outsource to a specialist.

*Compare streaming apps: Each platform has its own uniquely capable editorial team that caters to considerably different user bases & target audiences, so chances are the treatment of your music will not be the same across the board.

*Reach out to us personally on socials for support. Using the proper channels is much easier.

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