How to approach the media as a new creator?

by Ankita Dasgupta | PR at JioSaavn

As an artist with new content to present – be it music or podcast, one of the key objectives while approaching the media is to generate interest in your work and to build recall. One of the first steps is to ensure you have a PR plan in place. It does not need to be too elaborate, just well planned. The essential purpose it serves is to help you  earn credibility. 

We are going to take you through a few steps and tools that you can use as a new creator to approach the media with your work

Plan ahead

While this might seem like an obvious step, it is crucial to plan ahead in terms of the kind of publications that you would want to be featured in. Magazines, newspapers and digital news platforms, all like to feature artists who have upcoming or recently launched work. However, they also plan their stories a week or two, before it appears. Thus it becomes important to have a target media list or a wish list to be able to plan ahead 

Media docket 

A media docket or a press kit includes information that your team will need while pitching your work to any publication on platform. This needs to include – high resolution images of you/your band, your album art, a brief introduction about you/your journey and your press release which will focus on your current work. 

It is a good practice to regularly update your press kit with new images and updating your introduction with recent accolades. Since there is a pitch that is created when the PR team approaches the media, it also helps if you have a story around what inspires you and what you aim to achieve with your work.

Active social media profiles

It is vital to build on your social media presence as an artist, it helps with making your story more accessible to a larger audience (including journalists) and to build on word-of-mouth publicity. It also helps in adding character to your work and gives a sense of inclusion to your audience. In the recent past, we have witnessed a shift due to the unprecedented circumstances that the world is facing together –  as a result of this, a  lot of publications have opted to go digital, it helps to have social media links and links to other publishing platforms that journalists can include in their stories. They are also adapting to “lives” as an alternative for interviews, having an active social media presence is an added advantage

Apart from the above mentioned requisites, it is always good to be in sync with the larger marketing plan that your team might have in place – consistency also counts as credibility. It is also important to know that it takes a little time to build visibility with your target media as there is a balance that needs to be achieved between –  consistently sharing relevant stories over a period of time and to not saturate the media with too many stories. 

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