How to get your music played on the radio?

by Anupriya Singh | Marketing at Artist Originals

Many argue that the traditional channels (radio/tv) of song promotions and discovery are now a thing of the past. Even though, with digital revolution and advancement of social media, the focus of mainstream music marketing has now shifted towards the former,  radio and television continue to be equally important. 

Owing to the pandemic, Indian radio listenership increased by 22%, equivalent to 51 million people and radio proves to be the second most credible source of information, only second to the internet*. 

Radio is that one medium that connects the whole of our country and targets listeners across tiers. Not only have radio channels maintained their foothold as a traditional medium of communication but have now successfully transitioned into the digital space, thereby increasing their audiences by multifold. 

Therefore till today, music marketers and distribution channels contribute not only their time but also a huge part of their marketing budgets to these platforms. 

Having your song played and exposed on a radio channel can be a daunting task. With competitive and compact airplay spots, to get noticed in the crowd can be a challenge – especially if your music doesn’t belong to either a major music label or a big bang Bollywood blockbuster. 

Here are a few simple, yet essential steps that could help your music stand out in the crowd and hopefully get you some precious airtime

  • Research & Reaching Out : It’s crucial for you to understand and explore the different kinds of radio stations available in the country. Every radio station has its USP and caters to a specific audience. It’s important for you to reach out to the right platform for your music. This could be either traditional radio stations or web stations. 

Additionally, ensure you reach out to the right people. There are many avenues available today that could help you do that, right from social media, LinkedIN and basic searches on the web. Once you get in touch with the right lead in a radio station, your path for pitching becomes relatively simpler.

  • Contents To Share/Checklist : Once you acquire the right connection onto a radio station, it’s critical for you to send in the right information to them. 

Here is a Checklist that you can refer to for your pitch:

  • A brief introduction of yourself; your contact details and social media links 
  • Description of the song, it’s genesis, soundscape in a crisp manner
  • Song file as an attachment/digital link in the following formats – wav./mp3
  • Metadata; Song Artwork 
  • NOC
  • Availability & Barter : If you’re a musician starting out, ensure you are always available to facilitate any promotional activities; appearances or even offer your skills as barter in return for airplay. It’s a give and take industry and so standing apart by offering these unique aids always helps
  • Fostering Relationships : As important as it is to strike a connection with the right person or platform, it’s equally or more important to foster and maintain those relationships. Keeping the channels updated about all your career successes and milestones along with being available to them when they require your assistance only helps in strengthening your association. 

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