Beginners Guide to Lyrics & Annotations

by Somesh Chandran | Content Operations at JioSaavn

Realising that words play a crucial role for listeners of music, we rolled out the lyrics feature sometime in 2019. A year later, it remains a fundamental driver. Users consider lyrics an integral part of their listening experience for the following reasons –

  • To know the words
  • To understand the meaning behind the lines
  • To sing along (Karaoke)

I am no painter  but allow me to paint you a picture. We’ve crunched some numbers that highlight the importance of lyrics on JioSaavn. 

  • The metric used to measure engagement on our app – (LDAU/DAU) for users that view lyrics is significantly higher than those who don’t. Higher by ~65%.
  • Listeners that view lyrics also tend to stream more and for a longer duration.
  • This becomes even more significant for New Users and their Day 1 experience. LDAU/DAU is 2.5x for the group that views lyrics compared to the group that doesn’t.
  • Month over Month retention on the app is higher too for users that view lyrics.

Essentially, streaming songs and viewing lyrics drive each other which eventually leads to higher levels of engagement on our platform.

In 2010, American rapper and mogul, Jay-Z released “Decoded” – a book where he dives deep, explains the meaning and stories behind some of his most iconic lines. 

At JioSaavn, we’ve realised the impact words have on our listeners and we’re constantly finding new and improved ways to help artists develop deeper connections with their fans. 

Lyrics & Annotations is a feature on JioSaavn that helps listeners engage with their favorite tracks at a deeper level. Help your fans discover interesting trivia, hidden meanings and the stories behind you and your music.

How can you access this feature on JioSaavn ?

  • Play a track
  • Tap the Now Playing button at the bottom of your screen
  • Click on full lyrics

NOTE – If you don’t see lyrics/ annotations for a particular song, it’s not currently available. We’re constantly adding new lyrics and annotations every week. So you might spot it in the future.  

Through this feature, we wish to help artists break new grounds in storytelling.  Listeners love to dig deeper into their favourite songs and through this feature, we’re excited to amplify your art to a whole new level. 

What’s the meaning behind that line ? Why was the artist inspired to create this particular track ? Where was the video shot ? These are just some of the many interesting questions that JioSaavn strives to answer via this feature. 

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